Special thanks to Teacher Tang, invitation from kindergarden Genius Jayamas Skudai, For putting an effort to bring more dental knowledge and truly care to all her beloving students.

Screenshot 2017-04-05 19.25.20First baby teeth erupt at 6 months.

Brush at least twice a day or after meal. Brush 2 minutes/ time.

Parents should supervise the correct toothbrushing method for children.

Dental check up should be done as early as teeth erupt and follow up every 6months

Early Dental exposure is necessary to create healthy dental awareness

Baby teeth will continue to erupt untill age 3

Children above age 3 can use Floridated toothpaste to protect the teeth

Children will have 20 primary/ baby teeth

Adult will have 32 permenant teeth including wisdom tooth

At Age 6, first adult molar will erupt

At Age 6 , lower front baby teeth will start to fall and replace by adult teeth.

Other adult teeth will continue to erupt untill 12-14 years old.

Consume more healthy diet (Vegetables and fruits) , avoid Sugary food and soda.

Dental check up are advised  to monitor the growth, fluoride treatment, scaling/cleaning, filling,  Fissure sealants are recommended for sealing pits and fissure thus reduce caries risk.


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