10 things you should know before you do braces

Screenshot 2017-04-06 23.51.20.png    Screenshot 2017-04-06 23.52.03.png

Screenshot 2017-04-06 23.52.08.png`Screenshot 2017-04-06 23.52.16.png

1) Does braces hurt – Yes to some extent , usually first week to first month as our teeth and mucosa will need to adapt and get used to it, after that usually won’t feel much pain. Every adjustment is 4-6 weeks time frame, each time after adjust will feel tight (not pain) for few days. Try collect more opinions from your friends who has braces done.

2) How much does it cost – i think this is the standard popular question, current market rate is 7k. Depend on other treatment or other system, it can range 10-20k also. Some include/exclude extractions ,x-ray, retainers etc.

3) Extractions of not?  – you need to discuss with your dentists see what suit you the most and what you want. In general extractions are done to solve crowding and protrusion.

4) What system available – conventional metal 7k above , self ligating metal 8-10k(damon or other), ceramic brackets 8k above, Clear aligner (15k above)Screenshot 2017-04-06 22.56.48.png

5) Am I too old to do braces – Braces have no age limit as long as your gum is healthy. I have customer age 50 above doing braces. If you think you can live untill 90 years old. spend 2 years do braces will definitely value. 

6) Which clinic ,which dentist to see – Choose the dentist you most comfortable with because it is a long-term treatment , fit your budget and the treatment planning proposed that suit you the most. Do you want to follow the same clinic or follow the same Dr no matter where they work?

7) Same Dentist ? – Be aware clinic with multiple clinics equal to existence of multiple dentists. Will you see the same dentist throughout the treatment. Will the dentist adjust your braces or assistant does the job ? Will the dentist does all other treatment for you beside adjust braces.

8) Braces emergency – what do you do when clinic  close down or Dr away while you have pain or dental emergency. 

9) Don’t  – If you plan to get married soon, moving far, go oversea long-term, go back hometown, it’s better to delay the treatment. It might be difficult to find new dr who willing to take over others case.

10) Will my face look slimmer – In some cases yes, some case no.  if you want to know more please come to visit me ^^

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