Bleaching/whitening 美白牙齿

can be divided to clinical bleach or home bleach

As we aged , or the food/drinks we consume the tooth colour can become darker or more yellowish

Scaling and polishing is the treatment to clean the teeth and it will clean but not whiten the teeth.      To whiten the teeth , bleaching should be conducted.

可以在诊所美白 , 或者在家美白



如果想要变白, 可以做牙齿美白

Clinical or In-office bleach , 诊所冷光美白

Immediate result , one day treatment , total treatment about an hour.

Teeth tooth will be cleaned first , proper dry and isolated , protect the gum then applied the gel

Then accelerate with the blue light

The cycle then  repeat for 2-3tiems

The teeth will Not become paper white , will have  a few grade whiter/improvement  if compare on a colour chart.

Result usually can last 6months to 1year, more lasting if combine with home bleach.



牙齿必须先洗牙,保护牙龈,之后涂上美白gel, 照蓝光


Home bleaching 家用美白牙套

Effect more prominent after two weeks of continuous usage

Do the whitening at home,  require to take a model at the clinic, fabricate a customize bleaching tray, purchase a bleaching gel home kit

Inject the gel in the syringe to the bleaching tray and wear for a certain hour.

One box of home kit depend on usage can last for

4-8weeks of usage.

在家使用美白牙套,必须先到诊所印模型制作符合自己的牙套,买美白gel,  将美白gel挤入美白牙套然后带着指定的时间,一盒依使用份量可以使用4-8周


In general , 一般上,

Will NOT damage the teeth, the gel is applied on tooth,  react with the stains and breakdown stains

Can bleach original healthy tooth only,  unable to bleach , filling or crown tooth

Bleaching effect is like skin product, it can rebound over time , clinical bleach + home bleach give thw most effective and lasting result.

Post bleaching sensitivity is normal and is harmless.

Once bleaching has conducted , it’s advisable not to consumed dark staining food/drinks or smoking.

If you want to achieve the smile with porcelain paper  white teeth, those are mainly Venner or Crown , and those colour will not fade.

DO NOT accept beauty shop fade instant whitening which will cause you 2k+ but layer an unknown weak material on teeth  and it will definitely chip off in days ! and cost even more to remove it.

In general, whitening toothpaste do not possess the result as clinical or home bleaching kit

Consulted your dentist for proper steps  if you want to do a whiter and greater smile 🙂






请不要相信非诊所, 非牙医 ,挂名 “医美”疗程,瓷光疗程,即刻永就美白… 水晶牙雕… , 因为用了不知明的白色物体粘在牙齿上,牙齿变厚,每个牙齿粘在一起无法使用牙线,不卫生,没隔几天就裂到七七八八,花了两三千,受不了拆掉又要很多钱。

如果要美白,请到牙科诊所查问正确和合适的方法 :)Screenshot 2017-05-14 16.13.40

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