Take Care of retainer

Keep it dry, wash with toothbrush and toothpaste
Keep in box while not in used
Do not squeeze hard when clean or pull hard when remove
Retainer might break after a certain period of time depend on usage
Always keep the final model of accuracy check future
If break of missing, please call for appt for new sets of retainer.


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Congratulation to Ms Yap , thank you for sharing with us

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Early Dental care

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Correct size of toothbrush 儿童/大人牙刷

Soft Toothbrush only 软牙刷

Brush at least 2 times a day 一天刷牙最少两次

Brush 2 mins at least 每次刷牙最少2分钟

Change your toothbrush every 3 months 每三个月换牙刷

Fluoridated toothpaste when above age 3  用保护牙齿的牙膏

Pea size amount 挤豆形状

First Dental Visits should start From 6 months old

Visit Dr Sharon every 6 months  六个月开始看牙医; 每六个月要👀牙医

Root Canal Treatment 根管治疗

Toothache 牙齿疼痛

Pain when biting, pain when sleeping, throbbing/pulling, pain when working or non biting, pain radiate to other area

咬的时候疼痛 ; 睡觉时牙齿疼痛 ; 没咀嚼时也痛; 疼的时侯感觉拉一下拉一下 ; 疼的时侯可能头也会觉得痛

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Root Canal Treatment根管治疗

Help you to preserve the tooth without the need for being extracted/ take out.

拯救牙齿, 不需要被拔掉, 让牙齿不痛

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  1. What is Root Canal 什么是根管 –

Each Tooth has non visible parts embedded inside the gum, Which is Root ; inside the Root will have Canal that houses Blood vessels and nerve.  每一个牙齿有牙脚被骨头和牙龈覆盖着; 牙脚的牙髓里面有牙神经线和血管

2. What is Root Canal Treatment –

Remove the nerve and other contents in the root canal, clean and disinfect and seal the canal space with filing material.  什么是根管治疗 - 把牙髓内的神经线和其他物质包括细菌,清理干净消毒, 之后在根管的空位放进填充物

3. Does the teeth need to remove and put back牙齿需要拔掉再放回去吗?-

No need to take out the tooth, just access from the center of the tooth, remove filling or parts of the structure until can see the canal and do the treatment.  不需要拔牙再放回去,是从牙齿中间部位,把补牙或一部分牙齿部位弄干净和深点直到看到牙神经的部位

4. How many times 需要几次疗程 –

Usually require 2 to 3 times of treatment. Some clinic does single visit. Some clinic does in 1-3 visits. Each Visits is 1-2 weeks apart  一般上需要2-3次疗程,一些诊所也做单次疗程, 每次疗程相隔1-2星期

5. The Tooth Die?牙齿每生命了吗? 

Yes, the tooth is non vital, no longer has the nutrition supply from the blood stream, the tooth stay inert and not cause pain anymore.  对, 牙齿没有了原本运送养分的血管和有感觉的神经线,所以根管治疗后牙齿不痛了

6. Will my tooth change colour牙齿会变色吗? –

Yes to some extent, some are mild, some are more obvious over years. the teeth will turn slightly greyish  多少会变一点,随着时间变长牙齿可能看起来比较带黄或灰色

7. No pain forever以后永远都不会痛了吗?-

Frankly speaking, nothing is forever now 😅 ; some may pain after years due to gum disease, crack or root canal failure.  不一定是永远, 如果将来牙根又有细菌,严重的牙周病,牙齿裂到深等原因都有可能会痛

8. Does it need a crown之后需要牙套吗?-

Mostly yes, Root Canal treated tooth is considered weaker in structure. Crown can restored the colour and strength of the tooth.  一般上因为根管治疗后牙齿会变的比较脆弱,牙套可以避免牙齿裂和改善颜色

9. How much does it cost费用-

Depend on front teeth , premolar or molar tooth. price mostly starting from 800rm -3000rm in the market , depend on clinician and time consumed. 一般市价8百到3千,看那一个牙齿

10. Why not just Extract or take out the tooth为何不直接拔掉牙齿以后都不会痛了-

If you choose to remove a tooth and replace it, you will end up spending more time and more money to replace it. Implant will cost thousand, denture is not permeant and its not pleasant as compare to our own tooth.    如果愿意带假牙,假牙也隔几年要换, 用起来也不如自己的牙齿; 如果要放螺丝种植牙,也要准备更多时间和金钱

11. Take Medicine 💊 吃药会好吗?-

Its just a temporary Relief, the pain will come back as bacterial still inside the root  ; The medicine can only buy you time,  the pain can be reduce to  a certain period a time, you will still have to decide Extraction or Root canal treatment later.  - 吃药只是暂时减少疼痛

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So Regular dental check up and scaling is very important, do not wait untill the teeth is painful only do dental visit  : ) 

所 以定期检查和洗牙是很重要的,如果有问题就尽找处理,不可以等到痛的时侯才看牙医..  :)

Bleaching/whitening 美白牙齿

can be divided to clinical bleach or home bleach

As we aged , or the food/drinks we consume the tooth colour can become darker or more yellowish

Scaling and polishing is the treatment to clean the teeth and it will clean but not whiten the teeth.      To whiten the teeth , bleaching should be conducted.

可以在诊所美白 , 或者在家美白



如果想要变白, 可以做牙齿美白

Clinical or In-office bleach , 诊所冷光美白

Immediate result , one day treatment , total treatment about an hour.

Teeth tooth will be cleaned first , proper dry and isolated , protect the gum then applied the gel

Then accelerate with the blue light

The cycle then  repeat for 2-3tiems

The teeth will Not become paper white , will have  a few grade whiter/improvement  if compare on a colour chart.

Result usually can last 6months to 1year, more lasting if combine with home bleach.



牙齿必须先洗牙,保护牙龈,之后涂上美白gel, 照蓝光


Home bleaching 家用美白牙套

Effect more prominent after two weeks of continuous usage

Do the whitening at home,  require to take a model at the clinic, fabricate a customize bleaching tray, purchase a bleaching gel home kit

Inject the gel in the syringe to the bleaching tray and wear for a certain hour.

One box of home kit depend on usage can last for

4-8weeks of usage.

在家使用美白牙套,必须先到诊所印模型制作符合自己的牙套,买美白gel,  将美白gel挤入美白牙套然后带着指定的时间,一盒依使用份量可以使用4-8周


In general , 一般上,

Will NOT damage the teeth, the gel is applied on tooth,  react with the stains and breakdown stains

Can bleach original healthy tooth only,  unable to bleach , filling or crown tooth

Bleaching effect is like skin product, it can rebound over time , clinical bleach + home bleach give thw most effective and lasting result.

Post bleaching sensitivity is normal and is harmless.

Once bleaching has conducted , it’s advisable not to consumed dark staining food/drinks or smoking.

If you want to achieve the smile with porcelain paper  white teeth, those are mainly Venner or Crown , and those colour will not fade.

DO NOT accept beauty shop fade instant whitening which will cause you 2k+ but layer an unknown weak material on teeth  and it will definitely chip off in days ! and cost even more to remove it.

In general, whitening toothpaste do not possess the result as clinical or home bleaching kit

Consulted your dentist for proper steps  if you want to do a whiter and greater smile 🙂






请不要相信非诊所, 非牙医 ,挂名 “医美”疗程,瓷光疗程,即刻永就美白… 水晶牙雕… , 因为用了不知明的白色物体粘在牙齿上,牙齿变厚,每个牙齿粘在一起无法使用牙线,不卫生,没隔几天就裂到七七八八,花了两三千,受不了拆掉又要很多钱。

如果要美白,请到牙科诊所查问正确和合适的方法 :)Screenshot 2017-05-14 16.13.40


Relapse –

Teeth will tend to move back to original position slightly when braces are removed, its advisable to wear retainer for 2 years to stabilise the position.

With Fixed retainer in placed –

First year, 12hrs wear of removable retainer first year, wear every alternate night for second year

Removable retainer only –

24hours for first 6 months, 12 hours from 6 months to 1 year, every alternate night for second year.

Screenshot 2017-04-27 20.39.59.png

Fixed Retainer  – Thin wire cemented behind the front tooth back surface, usually fixed for 1year or more.

Removable Hawley Retainer – Removable, wire wraps around the outer surface of teeth, an acrylic plate to hold the wire and adhere to gum. Hawley retainer can also use to close minor gap at front teeth.

Removable Clear Retainer – Removable, clear plastic that cover the teeth, quite invisible.

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   Screenshot 2017-04-27 20.39.24.png          Screenshot 2017-04-27 20.39.30.png



Use Enough floss ; about 18’’ long

-keep a clean segment in place as you move from tooth to tooth

-Wrap most of the floss around index finger

-Make a C shape with the floss as you wrap it around the tooth, Slide between teeth. Remove floss to top of teeth.

-Move to next teeth, unroll a fresh section of floss from the finger of one hand ; rolling the used floss onto the finger of the other hand

-Floss every teeth , every night before brushing.

-Select floss with smoother, thinner thread

10 things you should know before you do braces

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Screenshot 2017-04-06 23.52.08.png`Screenshot 2017-04-06 23.52.16.png

1) Does braces hurt – Yes to some extent , usually first week to first month as our teeth and mucosa will need to adapt and get used to it, after that usually won’t feel much pain. Every adjustment is 4-6 weeks time frame, each time after adjust will feel tight (not pain) for few days. Try collect more opinions from your friends who has braces done.

2) How much does it cost – i think this is the standard popular question, current market rate is 7k. Depend on other treatment or other system, it can range 10-20k also. Some include/exclude extractions ,x-ray, retainers etc.

3) Extractions of not?  – you need to discuss with your dentists see what suit you the most and what you want. In general extractions are done to solve crowding and protrusion.

4) What system available – conventional metal 7k above , self ligating metal 8-10k(damon or other), ceramic brackets 8k above, Clear aligner (15k above)Screenshot 2017-04-06 22.56.48.png

5) Am I too old to do braces – Braces have no age limit as long as your gum is healthy. I have customer age 50 above doing braces. If you think you can live untill 90 years old. spend 2 years do braces will definitely value. 

6) Which clinic ,which dentist to see – Choose the dentist you most comfortable with because it is a long-term treatment , fit your budget and the treatment planning proposed that suit you the most. Do you want to follow the same clinic or follow the same Dr no matter where they work?

7) Same Dentist ? – Be aware clinic with multiple clinics equal to existence of multiple dentists. Will you see the same dentist throughout the treatment. Will the dentist adjust your braces or assistant does the job ? Will the dentist does all other treatment for you beside adjust braces.

8) Braces emergency – what do you do when clinic  close down or Dr away while you have pain or dental emergency. 

9) Don’t  – If you plan to get married soon, moving far, go oversea long-term, go back hometown, it’s better to delay the treatment. It might be difficult to find new dr who willing to take over others case.

10) Will my face look slimmer – In some cases yes, some case no.  if you want to know more please come to visit me ^^


Special thanks to Teacher Tang, invitation from kindergarden Genius Jayamas Skudai, For putting an effort to bring more dental knowledge and truly care to all her beloving students.

Screenshot 2017-04-05 19.25.20First baby teeth erupt at 6 months.

Brush at least twice a day or after meal. Brush 2 minutes/ time.

Parents should supervise the correct toothbrushing method for children.

Dental check up should be done as early as teeth erupt and follow up every 6months

Early Dental exposure is necessary to create healthy dental awareness

Baby teeth will continue to erupt untill age 3

Children above age 3 can use Floridated toothpaste to protect the teeth

Children will have 20 primary/ baby teeth

Adult will have 32 permenant teeth including wisdom tooth

At Age 6, first adult molar will erupt

At Age 6 , lower front baby teeth will start to fall and replace by adult teeth.

Other adult teeth will continue to erupt untill 12-14 years old.

Consume more healthy diet (Vegetables and fruits) , avoid Sugary food and soda.

Dental check up are advised  to monitor the growth, fluoride treatment, scaling/cleaning, filling,  Fissure sealants are recommended for sealing pits and fissure thus reduce caries risk.